School of Art and Design hosts the voice of the Yangtze River Delta 2022 graduate series (design session) cloud job fair


The sudden rebound of the epidemic has brought huge challenges to the employment of 2022 college graduates in our city. In order to resolutely implement the Party Central Committee, the State Council's employment stabilization and employment protection and the decision-making deployment of the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission and the school party committee on the employment of 2022 graduates, we will increase efforts to visit companies to expand jobs and live broadcast to bring people, and fully mobilize resources for Employers and graduates build an online communication platform to win the battle of anti-epidemic and employment. It is hosted by the Voice of the Yangtze River Delta of Shanghai People's Broadcasting Station and the Shanghai Talent Service Industry Association. The art of Shanghai University of Engineering Technology The Grade Waiting for You hosted by the School of Design-Yangtze River Delta 2022 Graduates Series Cloud Job Fair (Design Session) was grandly held at 14:00 on June 15, 2022. The job fair was held online + offline. Zhu Qingyang, Secretary-General of Shanghai Talent Service Industry Association, Wu Yimin, Senior Manager of CGP Consumer Products-Marketing Function, Wen Jing, Person in Charge of Pengzhi Recruitment, Tang Junfeng, Recruitment Manager of Yazhen Home Furnishing Group, and many more Zhang Yunjie, person in charge of the recruitment of the Human Resources Department of Fluoride, Gao Jiao, deputy secretary and dean of the School of Art and Design, and Liu Jiang, deputy secretary of the party committee, participated in the event. The event has visited more than 20 companies and provided more than 500 design positions. The job fair was hosted by Cao Chenguang of Shanghai People's Broadcasting Station.