The School of Art and Design was approved as a national and municipal first-class undergraduate professional construction site in 2021


Recently, the General Office of the Ministry of Education issued the Notice on Announcing the List of National and Provincial First-Class Undergraduate Major Construction Sites in 2021 (Jiao Gao Ting Han [2022] No. 14), announcing the 2021 national and provincial first-class undergraduate majors In the list of construction points, the newly added product design major of the School of Art and Design was selected as a national first-class undergraduate major construction point, and the visual communication design major was selected as a first-class undergraduate major construction point in Shanghai.

In recent years, our school has thoroughly implemented the party's education policy, fully implemented the spirit of the National Education Conference and the Implementation Plan for Accelerating Educational Modernization (2018-2022), and continued to deepen education and teaching reforms and promote first-class The leading plan of undergraduate construction focuses on improving the core connotation of majors and promoting the development of professional characteristics.

Up to now, our school has been approved as one national first-class undergraduate major construction site and two Shanghai first-class undergraduate major construction sites. Among the 8 undergraduate majors, the city-level and above first-class undergraduate major construction sites accounted for 37.5%.

In the next stage, our school will focus on the effectiveness of building morality and cultivating people, continue to deepen the construction of first-class undergraduate majors, comprehensively improve the level of undergraduate major construction, and meet the new round of undergraduate education and teaching review and evaluation by the Ministry of Education. At the same time, our school will further strengthen the characteristics of the integration of production and education, focus on cultivating high-quality application-oriented talents, and fully promote the high-quality development of the school.