The School of Art and Design holds a special promotion meeting for the employment of 2022 graduates


On the afternoon of June 22, the School of Art and Design held a special promotion meeting for the employment of 2022 graduates. Yuan Rong, secretary of the party committee of the college, Liu Jiang, deputy secretary of the party committee, the person in charge of the college's advertising/video communication and digital media majors, the director of the relationship room, the postgraduate supervisor and all counselors attended the online meeting.

First of all, Liu Jiang, deputy secretary of the party committee, introduced and analyzed the current employment situation requirements for graduates of the School of Art and Design, and introduced the employment progress of individual departments/majors and tutors. He emphasized that on the one hand, it is necessary to increase the political position of graduates in employment, strengthen the implementation of work, and form a linkage mechanism. On the other hand, under the background of the current epidemic prevention and control work, it is necessary to do a good job in assisting and serving graduates in employment. In particular, the college joins hands with the Shanghai Talent Service Association/Shanghai New Shanghai Chamber of Commerce to recommend graduates who have employment intentions but have not yet found a suitable job, and help students with difficulties find employment.

Afterwards, the master tutors and the directors of each department reported and exchanged reports on the employment advancement of the students they were responsible for, and exchanged views on the difficulties and problems encountered in the employment of students. In the discussion, Secretary Yuan Rong answered the questions raised by the teachers one by one and raised requirements for a lifetime plan.