The School of Art and Design co-organized the Shanghai New Shanghai Chamber of Commerce Cloud Recruitment successfully held


In order to further implement the decision-making and deployment of the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission and the school party committee on the employment of 2022 graduates, and increase the efforts of visiting enterprises to expand jobs and live broadcasting to bring people, the resumption of work is sponsored by the Shanghai New Shanghai Business Association and co-organized by the School of Art and Design. The resumption of production cloud recruitment promotion meeting (design and communication session) will be broadcast live online at 9:30 on June 30. Lin Weixing, rotating chairman of the New Shanghai Chamber of Commerce, Yuan Rong, secretary of the Party Committee of the School of Art and Design, Liu Jiang, deputy secretary of the Party Committee, and relevant leaders of Shanghai Second Polytechnic University and Shanghai Zhongqiao Vocational and Technical University attended the event. During the event, 10 outstanding new Shanghai business enterprises, including Gold Mantis and Lingjia Design, led more than 200 on-site live broadcasts. The event was presided over by Wang Jian, general manager of operations of the New Shanghai Business Federation.